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Paul Edward

I began as a darkroom tech in 1970. Shot my first of 800+ weddings, in 1972. Now semi-retired, I teach photography and wedding album design classes, and enjoying shooting weddings, on an occasional basis — so don’t be afraid to ask. 🙂

Located in Orange County, California, I have photographed on four continents. Starting rate is $3,000 and the average couple budgets about $5,000.

I am always happy to discuss your specific needs.

As a child, I loved to lie on my grandmother’s dining room floor and look at the old albums – you know, the kind with black pages and paste-on corners. I could do that for hours – and if I was lucky, grandma would get down on the floor, with me, and tell me who everyone was – even though I’d memorized them long before.

When you hire a wedding photographer, you really aren’t hiring a photographer – you are hiring a storyteller – and the camera is just a tool. The end result is the album.

Still, your wedding album doesn’t have tremendous value, the day you receive it. Oh sure, you are excited to see it, but, after all, the wedding was just a few weeks ago, you where there, and you probably remember some of it

Your wedding album begins to have value when a ten year-old climbs up on your lap and says, “Mommy, you looked so pretty”. …and your album has real value when that ten year-old says, “Grandma, you were so beautiful”.

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