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It’s just one of those places that draw me back. It seems, anytime I feel like getting out, alone, with a camera, the Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA, makes a great destination. Certainly, there are many such places, in Southern California, and Balboa is just one of them. I encourage all of you — especially the working professional photographers who might be reading this, to have a ‘happy place” — a place where you can get away form everything, yet be sure to have interesting, or colorful subjects to capture. My wife makes fun of my Balboa pictures. She thinks that I think I work for the city’s planning department — the section that approves signs! I admit it — I like signs. I like to photograph them. I also like to photograph doors, and windows, and boats, and churches.

These are the first photos of Balboa, that I have posted, and they probably won’t be the last.

You can learn more about Balboa – especially Balboa Island, here: and here:

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