Beth — Photoshoot in Huntington Beach, CA

This was a late afternoon/early evening photoshoot, in Huntington Beach, CA. Images where captured with a Nikon d700 and an 80-200mm/f2.8 lens. The sun was setting so all exposures where manual, and made for the background sky. One off-camera Nikon SB-900 speedlight was used to light the subject — using the Nikon CLS. A Gary Fong Universal Lightsphere was used to diffuse the flash.

Some minor retouching was done in Photoshop (levels and/or curves). At the last minute — literally, just as I was getting ready to upload the images, I decided to convert them to B&W. Normally, I would use the channel mixer method, in Photoshop, but I decided to try the greyscale plug-in, included with Lightroom 2. Borders where added with LR/Mogrify 2 plug-in, with the black set to about 35% opacity and 5% of the short side of the image. The while, inner border is 1 pixel at 100% opacity. The watermark was applied via Lightroom. I think I could have a little more distance between the URL and the white border.

Well, you decide:-)

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Paul Edward Morgan — Central Park, HB.

Morgan Love these pics! Where were they taken?

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T h e   B   S c h o o l