Brazilian Street Fair – Long Beach

I decide to check out the 13th Annual Brazilian Street Fair, in Long Beach. As expected, there was a lot of booty shakin’ and exotic costumes. For some reason, at parades and street fairs, I am often drawn to the people who are watching, more that to the participants.

A Shootsac -- If you like to have several lenses and accessories close at hand, without carrying a huge camera bag, you need a Shootsac.

Hats -- Yes, lots of hats

Did I Mention the Booty Shakin'?

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by Paul Edward

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marcelo You were shy there on the booty my friend! lol Kidding. Great shots! Great colors.
I saw a few of your videos and I see you really help out people. That’s really nice. Keep it up! I myself have lots to learn and I did learn some stuff waching your videos.
You’re right… the “original” templates of blogspot are pretty narrow. I spent hours on the Internet learning how to widen it years ago. Today they made it easier for the user, but still.
Your blog looks great.
Well, that’s all
See ya!

Elizabeth Sostizzo Looks like it was a great time. I’m sure my boys would have loved to go to that.

maíra erlich and i loved the shootsac cover 😀

maíra erlich brasil rocks!

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