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Hilarious Halloween Haunt — Huntington Beach, CA

The Huntington Beach Central Library and Friend’s of the Children’s Library presented a marionette show, for Huntington Beach pre-schoolers at Triangle Park, adjacent to the Main Street Library branch, on October 12th. Featuring Franklin Haynes and his marionettes, none of the children cried!!! Additional photos here. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Paul Edward

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A Crying Child & Men– Brazillian Photographer, Maíra Erlich & Australian Chris Fawkes

Every once in a while, I ‘discover’ an image that just grabs me. Today, I want to share the work of two photographers that I am happy to call my friends. They come from different backgrounds and nearly opposite sides of the globe — Brazil and Australia — Brazillian Wedding Photographer — Maíra Erlich & […]

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Baby Photos — Sophia at Six Months

Friday afternoon, I had a visit from Sophia. I took her pictures just after she was born, and now it was time for her six-month session — and she was prepared with big brown eyes, one new tooth, and expressions that ranged from happy to perplexed! Both Sophia and her mom are beautiful. Here’s a […]

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Photographing Children

I first photographed Jayden two days before he was born. Actually, I did some maternity shots, for his mother, on a Friday, and Jayden was born on Sunday, a month early. Since them, I’ve had birthday party cake, taken family photos at the beach, made a Baptism album, and watched him grow. Yesterday, we just […]

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