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Father & Daughter Portrait — Huntington Beach, CA

Saturday morning, I had an opportunity to photograph Marc and his daughter, Megan. If you don’t love her smile, you aren’t breathing 🙂 Let me tell you the setup. Marc & Megan where on a solid black backdrop, lit by three light sources. To camera left and right, at about four feet from the subjects […]

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Descanso Gardens

Up at 6AM for breakfast at IHOP. It’s my wife’s birthday, but we have full schedules today, so this was the birthday party 🙂 and she paid!! But, last Sunday, we celebrated early with a trip to Descanso Gardens. She loves flowers, so this was the perfect day. All shots are with a Nikon D700 […]

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Single Focal Length Lens Photowalk

Photowalks are a great way to get out and challenge yourself, yet have a relaxed day of shooting — relaxed in the sense that you have no client to satisfy — just yourself:-) A great way to recharge the batteries!! Yesterday, the challenge was to use just one lens — more accurately, one focal length, […]

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Rose Parade

It’s already January 13th, and I’m just blogging about the Rose Parade — well, not even the parade, but the floats. I’ve lived in Southern California about 30 years and I’ve never gone to see the Rose Parade — not live and in person. In fact, on many a New Year’s Day morning, I didn’t […]

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A Meet Up group, that I belong to, has a monthly theme. For January, it is stripes. The obvious stripes photo, this time of year, is a candy cane — except I already ate them all!.. This morning, I took a shot of the kitchen window, from the patio, then I went inside and shot […]

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