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HipSlip — Laptop Case

More people are using their laptop as their main – or only – computer, than ever before. For some, the laptop sits on a desk, or it may move from room to room, but it never leaves the house. For others, the laptop goes out everyday — to an office, to meetings in other people’s […]

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Faces — Portrait Photography, Huntington Beach, CA

I like faces. I love to photograph faces. Eventually, I’ll put up a gallery of ‘street photography’ photos, but these where shot — well, many of them — on a solid backdrop, in my living room. A few where shot on a movie set in Los Angeles. All where lit with one or two speedlights, […]

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Shootsac — Lens Bag

I’ve been a photographer for more than 40 years. Photographers have a relationship with their bags — but it’s not a monogamous relationship. Sure, we are in love with our newest bag, but the infatuation soon wears off when we realize that there is no one perfect bag for all situations. From where I am […]

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Single Focal Length Lens Photowalk

Photowalks are a great way to get out and challenge yourself, yet have a relaxed day of shooting — relaxed in the sense that you have no client to satisfy — just yourself:-) A great way to recharge the batteries!! Yesterday, the challenge was to use just one lens — more accurately, one focal length, […]

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As the days seem to get busier, I find less time to post on the blog, and in the [b] School discussion groups, so I sometimes double post. Today is a case. Apple introduced the iPad. Photographers are talking about how to use it. Will they use it to display images when they meet with […]

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