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Descanso Gardens

Up at 6AM for breakfast at IHOP. It’s my wife’s birthday, but we have full schedules today, so this was the birthday party 🙂 and she paid!! But, last Sunday, we celebrated early with a trip to Descanso Gardens. She loves flowers, so this was the perfect day. All shots are with a Nikon D700 […]

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More Close-Ups

Fairly often, I’ll have people tell me that they have nothing to shoot – no where to practice their photography skills. Yesterday, I posted some images in an article called Macro vs. Crop. Today, I went back out on the patio and took a few more shots — my subjects: Flowers in one pot and […]

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Macro vs. Crop

Did you ever wish you could shoot a nice close-up, or macro, but didn’t have the right lens? Sometimes, you can crop the photos to get the effect you want. OK, that really wasn’t what I planned on writing about, but I’ve merged two topics together. The original idea: The was a recent ‘challenge’ inside […]

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S m u g M u g
T h e   B   S c h o o l