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Beth — Photoshoot in Huntington Beach, CA

This was a late afternoon/early evening photoshoot, in Huntington Beach, CA. Images where captured with a Nikon d700 and an 80-200mm/f2.8 lens. The sun was setting so all exposures where manual, and made for the background sky. One off-camera Nikon SB-900 speedlight was used to light the subject — using the Nikon CLS. A Gary […]

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Macro vs. Crop

Did you ever wish you could shoot a nice close-up, or macro, but didn’t have the right lens? Sometimes, you can crop the photos to get the effect you want. OK, that really wasn’t what I planned on writing about, but I’ve merged two topics together. The original idea: The was a recent ‘challenge’ inside […]

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Just Upgraded to Photoshop CS4

OK, I didn’t really upgrade — I just installed the free 30-day trial, but I like it, so far. I took one of the Civil War files, applied that same sepia tone, blur, dark edges, and light center, as in my previous posts — but then I added a Boutwell action — Dirt Bag — […]

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Night Shots

We are having a little debate — about sepia tone. If you go back a couple of days, you will see some Civil War Reenactment images — all sepia toned and with few other effects, to make them look like historical photos. I like them, in that context. Today, I am showing two night shoots […]

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Taking the Blue Cast of a Wedding Gown

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a bride and groom in a park. The shot was of the back of her gown. In the original image, there was a large amount of blue cast on the dress. This is a screencast demo of how Iremoved the blue.

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