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Model Shoot – Michelle – Huntington Beach, CA

This session was at Farm39 Studio, in Huntington Beach, CA. The main light was a Nikon SB-900, diffuser with a Gary Fong Lightsphere. Additional lighting came from the modeling lights of several studio strobes — but I only used the studio light as fill lights. The SB-900 was off camera, in a variety of positions, […]

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Father & Daughter Portrait — Huntington Beach, CA

Saturday morning, I had an opportunity to photograph Marc and his daughter, Megan. If you don’t love her smile, you aren’t breathing 🙂 Let me tell you the setup. Marc & Megan where on a solid black backdrop, lit by three light sources. To camera left and right, at about four feet from the subjects […]

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Faces — Portrait Photography, Huntington Beach, CA

I like faces. I love to photograph faces. Eventually, I’ll put up a gallery of ‘street photography’ photos, but these where shot — well, many of them — on a solid backdrop, in my living room. A few where shot on a movie set in Los Angeles. All where lit with one or two speedlights, […]

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Ashlee Lynn Headshots – Huntington Beach

A few days ago, Ashlee Lynn dropped by. We set up a backdrop, and a couple of Speedlights, an umbrella, reflector, and Lightspheres. Images are straight out of camera, except for one. Can you tell which one? Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Paul Edward

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Beth — Photoshoot in Huntington Beach, CA

This was a late afternoon/early evening photoshoot, in Huntington Beach, CA. Images where captured with a Nikon d700 and an 80-200mm/f2.8 lens. The sun was setting so all exposures where manual, and made for the background sky. One off-camera Nikon SB-900 speedlight was used to light the subject — using the Nikon CLS. A Gary […]

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