Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is a California State Park, located along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between Corona Del Mar (Newport Beach) and Laguna Beach.

These are a few of the images that I captured, yesterday afternoon. All were made with a Nikon D700 and 24mm f2.8 lens. Exposure times varied 1/2000 to 30 seconds.

Often, I see photographers pack up their gear and go home, as soon as the sun sets. Actually, some of the best visuals are in the 15-20 minutes AFTER sunset. The photo, above, was taken at 7:11 — the official sunset time, but the one bellow was taken at 7:49 — more than 30 minutes after the sun was below the horizon.

Exposure for the sunset was 1/30 second and the sutter speed for the second image was 30 seconds.

Master landscape photographer, Matt Saville, setting up to shoot a rock!

My new friend, Susan Manley

I cheated: This photo was made within 60 seconds of the ones above and below. The ‘secret’ — a 1/2000 shutter speed vs. 1/250

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by Paul Edward

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Susan Manley Nice shots, Paul. Thanks for sharing.

lagunamary Two favorites:

the story telling shot with Matt,
and the image after Susan;
the luv composition of the golden, sandstone rocks with the wave breaking in the background

S m u g M u g
T h e   B   S c h o o l