Father & Daughter Portrait — Huntington Beach, CA

Saturday morning, I had an opportunity to photograph Marc and his daughter, Megan. If you don’t love her smile, you aren’t breathing 🙂

Let me tell you the setup. Marc & Megan where on a solid black backdrop, lit by three light sources. To camera left and right, at about four feet from the subjects and 45 degree, I placed Alzo 45-watt, 5500K fluorescent bulbs, through translucent white umbrellas. I supplemented these will a Nikon SB-900 speedlight (the SB-600, 700, or 800 would have worked fine, as would any flash. I diffused the SB-900 with a large Gary Fong Whaletail. I’m not sure if Gary still makes the Whaletail, but any flash diffuser will work, in this setup — just be sure to use something.

Camera was a Nikon D700, with at 50mm, f1.4 lens.

One of the challenges was working with subjects of different heights.

Seating them on the ground and shooting from a high angle:

Even just sitting on the ground help, since most of the height difference is in the legs:

Try a weird angle:

Again, from a high angle:

The shorter of the two, on a stool, with the taller kneeling beside:

Again, kneeling:

And the easiest of all — one leaning over the other’s shoulders — you can do this with the taller subject kneeling, or sitting:

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