Infrared (IR) Photos — Newport Pier, Balboa Peninsula, CA

Infrared photography is great when there are lots of white clouds. Today, I just couldn’t resist going to the Newport Pier. While technically part of Newport Beach, CA, the Newport Pier is on the Balboa Peninsula. There are two piers on the Balboa Peninsula. The Newport Pier is the first one. Further down the peninsula is the Balboa Pier — just across from the Fun Zone and the Balboa Island Ferry.

I took my Nikon D100, which has been converted to infrared (IR) only. Technically, you should do a custom white balance on some green grass or tree leaves — and I did that, a couple of years ago, and just continue on with that white balance (WB) setting. It gives some great images — even if it sometimes makes the sky a little brownish — but you can easily correct the WB in Lightroom (I hardly ever use Photoshop for simple adjustments, anymore). If the greens are going while and the clouds are showing up against a dark sky, I am happy.

You decide.

You can learn more about Balboa – especially Balboa Island, here: and here:

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