More Movie Set Photography, Hollywood, CA

Yesterday, I posted some images taken while I was working as the set photographer, in Hollywood, for an independent movie — God Bless Americo — and all the images where in black & white — because that’s how I like them 🙂 Well, I received a number of emails, asking if that’s how I shot them, or if I could show some images in color. All the images where captured in color, and converted to grayscale in Lightroom 2. Normally, I use the channel mixer, in Photoshop, for individual file conversion, but since I planned to post over a dozen images, I decided to try the grayscale plug-in that is included with Lightroom 2. Actually, I am finding that I am doing the majority of my post processing in Lightroom, and opening Photoshop very infrequently. Admittedly, this has been a slow evolution: It took me a couple of years to fully accept Lightroom as a near-replacement for Photoshop.

I’m going to show you more than 150 photos, so, rather than post them all, individually, I’m just going to upload the slideshow — watch until you get bored 🙂

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